2013-03-25 23:38:36 by RobertTaylor

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2011-07-28 05:57:19 by RobertTaylor

Cat Sir, Cat Sir, Have you any Cat Sir?


Busy with life

2010-11-13 06:34:11 by RobertTaylor

I'm dead on Newgrounds for the time being... be back whenever...

Madness Formidilosus II out now!

2010-03-02 22:46:16 by RobertTaylor

No, Madness Disintegration 2
Most likely holds the last Madness Clip I'll ever do. One day I will return with an animation in fbf. Until then I'll pop in here and there... I dunno

Go watch Disintegration

MF2 Update

2009-08-19 07:12:14 by RobertTaylor

The plan was for it to be out on Madness Day but it looks like that's not gonna happen. People arn't bothering to finish their parts, some people arn't doing shit all. So I'm thinking December 7 or sometime 2010, I don't want this to be 'Just another collab'.
Now since the date is extended more people may join ONLY if your good. For those of you who are in but are slacking off, do something.

Specifications on the last post, any questions?

MF2 Update

Madness Formidilosus II

2009-04-15 12:21:09 by RobertTaylor

It will most likely come out on Madness Day so have it in before then, like a month or two before then.
Don't add your own sig, I will only delete it and replace it with a themed and flashy sig that links to your NG pages, that includes quality buttons, custom boarders etc. Don't join if you know your utter shit.
Yeah and name every symbol after yourself, I don't want any symbol confliction and have to spend 2 hours fixing them all.


- 33Fps unless if you find the actionscript (AS2) to change the fps of your part
- White Backgrounds
- Stage Size 700x400
- Flash 8 format
- Get high optional

- Stream your sound it fucks with the rest of the collab
- use a plain background so put some stuff in the room OR make the background good to look at
- Join if you know your a crap animator
- Use a custom boarder/sig/Quality Buttons I will only delete it and replace it so the whole collab is themed
- Use your own music
- Talking/speech audio within the file like the first Formidilosus with the 'Matt Damon' thing
- Use cocks

- Names in the background you can put your friends name on the wall or whatever but don't make it messy
- Two people on the same part
- Custom characters as long as they don't burn my eyes
- Custom blood I urge you to do this
- Organs and shit
- Custom weapons
- Shadows
- Gradients as long as they aren't too strong

- Nuttro Host/Organizer/Animator/Menu/Preloader
- Dast Co Organizer/Animator
- KingApple Animator
- DIMB Animator
- Hiii111 Animator
- Alpha-Nuva Animator
- Otaku666 Animator
- UncleSqueezins Music
- LNR123 Animator
- KittyKittyCat100 Animator
- RoryChally Animator
- 1337-Dawg Animator
- LittleLuckyLink Animator

- Nuttro 1
- Dast 1
- KingApple 3
- DIMB 3
- Hiii111 1
- KittyKittyCat100 1
- Alpha-Nuva 2
- LNR123 1
- Otaku666 1
- 1337-Dawg 1
- RoryChally 1
- LittleLuckyLink 1

-Parts Received: 17

Made two characters for King Apple

Madness Formidilosus II